Do you ever wonder why there aren’t any bands that actually capture the feeling that we all had in the nineties when we’d be sitting around feeling anxious about…the system…something…?

You know…that feeling like someone may have called you and you just didn’t hear the phone ring? Maybe it was that dude you met at the club??? Maybe it was that little lady who laughed at all your jokes at that party on Thursday night???┬áThat’s when *69 was your friend!

  • Flannel shirts…check
  • Down with OPP…check
  • Hootie…check
  • Ice, Ice Baby…check
  • License to Ill…checkCheck
  • Oops I did It Again…CheckCheckCheck
  • En Vogue…CheckCheckCheckCheck!!!


Allow us to take you on a musical journey to that magical last decade of the 20th century. Whatever the genre — Emo-Alternative, Grunge, Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, or Country — if it happened in the 90s, we’ll play it!